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Charles Perry

I suppose at some point in time we've all had a Nautical Dream or two. And Charles Perry has lived those dreams for all of us.

Fishing on the Outer Banks of North Carolina in 1946, when Charles Perry was born, wasn't just a sport. It was a way of life and one of the few ways to make a living. So it was natural that Charles Perry learned to crawl from a wooden fish box (his crib) on his father's sport fishing boat. He went charter fishing out of Oregon Inlet every summer with his father from the time he was six years old until his second year of university, when the US Army felt they needed his services for a different type of education. After two years in the army, he went back to sport fishing and has remained there ever since.

Staying in one profession didn't keep him in one place. He ventured forth from the Gulf Stream to the Barrier Reef of Australia where he spent thirteen seasons, wiring and weighing in 28 black marlin over a 1000 lbs. In the Caribbean, he wired over 50 blue marlin six years in a row off the North Drop in St. Thomas, spent another six seasons fishing giant bluefin tuna from Bimini and Cat Cay, and much time sail fishing from Florida and Mexico.

In the last twelve years wiring for Internationally known angler Stewart Campbell, he has fished in Ghana and the Ivory Coast, Africa as well as Madeira, the Canary Islands, and Cape Verde. During this time he wired five blue marlin world records, and five spear fish world records.

More recently, he has been part of the Tag-A-Giant program out of Stanford University, wiring and putting satellite tags in bluefin tuna over 300 lbs. He has also put satellite tags in Atlantic blue marlin off of Ghana, Madeira, and La Gomera.

Although he has a 100 ton captain's license, he prefers the excitement of the cockpit. Has been fortunate enough to work the deck for some of the finest captains in the business, including Peter B. Wright, Gary Stuve, Skip Smith, Tony Tillett, Paul Whelan, O.B. O'Bryan and the late Danny Bear. He has wired for the last 12 years for one of the very best, Captain Bark Garnsey, on the Chunda.

The International Game Fish Association awarded The Legendary Captains and Crew Award, in the first year it was available, to Charles. They said about Charles:

"Charles Perry may be the best heavy-tackle wireman in the world today."


Captain Charles "CP" Perry
350 Harbour Rd
Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948
(252) 202-2425

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